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Advertise on Gospelminds.com for affordable rates. You can advertise on our Website & target your audience, fans, customers. etc.

GospelMinds.com is a fast growing Christian Entertainment & Gospel Music platform gaining popularity as ONE among TOP Largest Repository of Nigerian Gospel Music in the world.

 GospelMinds.com operates in two FORM:

  • Baby Plan
  • Diamond Plan

We upload your Song on our Baby Plan for a little token

Note: You are require to send the below listed item to gmusic@gospelminds.com :

  1. MP3 of the Song
  2. Artist/Song bio
  3. 600 X 600 pix Art work.

Uploading a Song on the Diamond Plan cost an (OTF) a One Time Fee.

Features Includes:

  1. Massive Downloads
  2. Song play directly from the Music Store
  3. Secure Download.
  4. Song will be uploaded to over 20 other platform platform
  5. And many more.... 

Interested in the "Diamond Plan" Get Started Here

All you are require to do is to send:

  1. MP3 of the Song
  2. Artist/Song Bio
  3. 600 X 600 pix Art work.
  4. Your "OTF" Fee & Get Started Here

Available Advert Banner Sizes (All in Pix)

  • Header Banner 650 x 90
  • Before Content 700 x 90
  • After Content 700 x 90
  • Sidebar 160 x 600
  • Sidebar 300 x 250
  • Background Banner 150 X 150

Interested? Fill the form below!

All Rates and conditions are subject to change

Enquiries should be directed to The Marketing Manager.

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