State of Georgia Proclaim Sonnie Badu Georgia Honorary Citizen


The secretary of state Georgia Brian P. Kemp, proclaim Sonnie Badu as an Honorary Georgia Citizen.

The honour from the State of Georgia confers on him the Goodwill Ambassadorship for the state and according to the Secretary of State, the State of Georgia, Brain P. Kemp, the honorary citizenship affords him to travel to other states and to nations beyond the borders of the United States of America, or wherever he may hereafter travel or reside with the ease and privileges of a citizen.

Sonnie Badu Georgia Honorary Citizen
Sonnie Badu Georgia Honorary Citizen

Dr. Sonnie Badu reaction:

When I was told that this same honor has been giving to @oprah and @bishopjakes, I asked myself why me? Then, I remembered my 21 years of waiting patiently and being faithful to God. Oh! The accusations, the abuse and the lies that I endured. Today, God has put an incredible smile on my face. This day, ELOHIM has honored me an African boy🙏🏼. Though one might think that this is no big deal but tell you what, for a nobody like me I call this FAVOUR!! from above. Today right here on instagram as you take a minute to celebrate with me, I release a double honor to you in the name of Jesus !! #BaduNation#ItsABigDeal #GlobalGrace #GlobalImpact#ThisIsNotLocal

Dr . Min. Sonnie Badu Biography

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