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Top 6 GMBlog

Wk8 Top6 Popular Songs on Gospelminds Blog

Goodnews!!! We are glad to announced the 1st edition of Top6GMBlog in week8 from 19th Monday through 23rd Friday February, 2018. GospelMinds.com is a fast growing Gospel...
Unveil Top 6.

#GMDiamondSound :: Top6 Trending Songs “Sun 11th – Sat 17th Feb. 2018” Wk7

Welcome to another edition of the #GMDiamondSound as our team unveil wk07 Top6 most trending songs from Sunday 11th to Saturday 17th February, 2018...

#GMDiamondSound :: Top6 Trending Songs “Mon 5th – Sat 10th Feb. 2018” Wk6

Hi everyone! here are the Top6 songs that rock on the GMDiamondSound from Monday 5th till Saturday 10th of February, 2018 (#week6) on the Africa’s...
Unveiling 2017 Top 20 songs 1

Top 20 Most Download & Streamed Songs on Diamond Sound 2019

Gospelminds Diamond Sound is a free Gospel Music Portal that records thousands of downloads daily. Here are the TOP 20 most Download/Streamed  songs from gospelminds.com/music-store/ in...
Unveil Top 6 Songs

#Week2 :: Unveil Top 6 Songs Trend from Jan. 08 – Jan 14, 2018.

Here is another edition of the TOP 6 ROCKING/TRENDING SONGS on our weekly chart. Today 15th January, 2018 our team is here again to present...

Unveil Top 6 Trend Songs – JAN. 01 – 07, 2018 #Week1

Hi, we officially welcome you to 2018, here are the TOP 6 gospel songs that rock/trend on the africa's no. 1 gospel blog from...
Unveil Top 6 Trend Songs

Unveil Top 6 Trend Songs – DEC. 25 – 31, 2017 #Week52

Here we presents the TOP 6 songs that trend on the Africa's No. 1 Gospel Blog last week (#52) base on downloads. On the list...
Unveil Top 6 Weekly Updates

DEC. 17 – 24, 2017 #Week51 – Top 6 Weekly Update

Laura Abios, Abuja based gospel music minister has top No. 1 on our weekly update (week #51) which starts from 17th - 24th December, 2017 with her...
Unveil Top 6 Weekly Update

Unveil Top 6 Weekly Update DEC. 11 – 16, 2017 #Week50

Port Harcourt based gospel music minister Dorosong who was No. 2 last week #49 has hit No. 1 this week with the same single title "You...
Unveil Top 6 Weekly Chart

Unveil Top 6 Weekly Chart DEC. 4 – 10, 2017 #Week49

Popular gospel artist, praise machine himself, the singer is wildly regarded as a praise Maestro Dare justified is No. 1 on our Top 6 Weekly Chart with a...
November Top 6

Top 6 For The Month Of November

GospelMinds is here to present to you November ‘TOP 6' based on #Downloads, #Latest, #Trends #Play… on www.GospelMinds/DIAMOND SOUND/. We are pleased to announce to you Nigerian...
Unveils Top 6

GospelMinds Unveils Top 6 For The Month Of August

GospelMinds.com is here to present to you August ‘TOP 6" based on #Downloads, #Latest, #Trends #Play… on www.GospelMinds/DIAMOND SOUND/. Gospel Minds “Diamond Sound” gets over 350K views every month,...

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