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Unveil Top 6.

#GMDiamondSound :: Top6 Trending Songs “Sun 11th – Sat 17th Feb. 2018” Wk7

Welcome to another edition of the #GMDiamondSound as our team unveil wk07 Top6 most trending songs from Sunday 11th to Saturday 17th February, 2018...

#GMDiamondSound :: Top6 Trending Songs “Mon 5th – Sat 10th Feb. 2018” Wk6

Hi everyone! here are the Top6 songs that rock on the GMDiamondSound from Monday 5th till Saturday 10th of February, 2018 (#week6) on the Africa’s...
Unveiling 2017 Top 20 songs 1

Top 20 Most Download & Streamed Songs on Diamond Sound 2019

Gospelminds Diamond Sound is a free Gospel Music Portal that records thousands of downloads daily. Here are the TOP 20 most Download/Streamed  songs from in...
Unveil Top 6 Songs

#Week2 :: Unveil Top 6 Songs Trend from Jan. 08 – Jan 14, 2018.

Here is another edition of the TOP 6 ROCKING/TRENDING SONGS on our weekly chart. Today 15th January, 2018 our team is here again to present...

Unveil Top 6 Trend Songs – JAN. 01 – 07, 2018 #Week1

Hi, we officially welcome you to 2018, here are the TOP 6 gospel songs that rock/trend on the africa's no. 1 gospel blog from...
Unveil Top 6 Trend Songs

Unveil Top 6 Trend Songs – DEC. 25 – 31, 2017 #Week52

Here we presents the TOP 6 songs that trend on the Africa's No. 1 Gospel Blog last week (#52) base on downloads. On the list...
Unveil Top 6 Weekly Updates

DEC. 17 – 24, 2017 #Week51 – Top 6 Weekly Update

Laura Abios, Abuja based gospel music minister has top No. 1 on our weekly update (week #51) which starts from 17th - 24th December, 2017 with her...
Unveil Top 6 Weekly Update

Unveil Top 6 Weekly Update DEC. 11 – 16, 2017 #Week50

Port Harcourt based gospel music minister Dorosong who was No. 2 last week #49 has hit No. 1 this week with the same single title "You...
Unveil Top 6 Weekly Chart

Unveil Top 6 Weekly Chart DEC. 4 – 10, 2017 #Week49

Popular gospel artist, praise machine himself, the singer is wildly regarded as a praise Maestro Dare justified is No. 1 on our Top 6 Weekly Chart with a...
November Top 6

Top 6 For The Month Of November

GospelMinds is here to present to you November ‘TOP 6' based on #Downloads, #Latest, #Trends #Play… on www.GospelMinds/DIAMOND SOUND/. We are pleased to announce to you Nigerian...
Unveils Top 6

GospelMinds Unveils Top 6 For The Month Of August is here to present to you August ‘TOP 6" based on #Downloads, #Latest, #Trends #Play… on www.GospelMinds/DIAMOND SOUND/. Gospel Minds “Diamond Sound” gets over 350K views every month,...

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