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[Download] New single “Abba Father” G12 Worship

Download New single Abba Father G12 Worship

The worship team behind the emerging G12 churches brings forth an array of emotions with their passionate delivery sure to encourage every listener on “Abba Father“. A perfect track for all worship leaders to perform, the group’s beautiful voices and power beats is a strong yet vulnerable must have. The song was produced by Anthony Catacoli.

“We have experienced times of awakening where the church has been revived in fire and the irresistible power of God has been manifested. However, they have been short. We are expecting the greatest revival ever, and we can hear its sound already. It resounds so loud that every ear is hearing it. It will last and it will bring a complete change to society; Heaven will touch earth, and it will remain like this for ever. We are paving the way for this to happen”.

The song is in connection to the release of the documentary drama THE HEART OF MAN starring Robert Fleet (J. Edgar), Serena Karnagy (Hawaii 5-0) and Justin Torrence (Z Nation). THE HEART OF MAN is the story of the relentless pursuit of the Father for His prodigal son, paralleled with modern-day stories of hope and redemption.




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