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Today (Jul 2), Aaron Cole releases “Above Me” featuring Parris Chariz. The music video, also releasing today, can be viewed below.

Track and video credits include:
– Written by Aaron Cole and Parris Hoskins
– Produced by Young Sentro and $anto
– Mixed by Jonny Grande
– Mastered by Aramis at LASTLVL Mastering
– Executive Producers Toby McKeehan and Joey Elwood
– A&R Toby McKeehan & Jess Chambers
– Design by Johnathan Vinnett

Download or stream “Above Me” at: https://aaroncole.lnk.to/aboveme


I had problem wit y’all favorite rapper
He did something fake to my kin
They let it slide so I had to glide cause I wasn’t feeling ya mans
I just been feeling like all of my peers be acting like i don’t existence
But all of my fans say I don’t miss
Like I have 2 number ones like I ain’t just win me a dove
Like I ain’t look out for my blood
Honestly I’m feeling numb

‘Cause they ain’t been hip to the plug
It’s dope I ain’t talkin a drug
It’s easy to kill a rapper with buzz
I’m not into OJ I never wore gloves
I only drink water the wave is enough

The wave is enough
Booked like I play for the suns
They see wit bread
Acting like I ain’t just get it from crumbs
Beginning to feel like I’m done
Think I’m ready for early retirement
Told me stay in outside it’s a viruses
But really I think it’s the violence
I’m not doing it plane less its private
When I get it put moms on a island

If I got it you got it
You love it I love it
I don’t want no more problems
It’s all above me
Heard you been talking
It’s all above me
God he been watching
Right up above me

Yea, I’m reclaiming my type

I’m taking back the recline
In and out from the mud
Shots flying ima duck
I was nine wit a nine at lunch clips fall i was grinding tuff hits hall
I been writin too much

They should put me in the hall of fame
Something wrong I’m the boss to blame
I ain’t going out like b Simone
Plagiarism this is me alone

Best man nia long
West end I just moved up the road

Left hand she won’t leave me alone

Voicemail she keep ringing my phone
God been telling me I gotta forgive
I can’t let her presence mess up the gift

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