[Album] Jason Nelson – The Answer

Album Jason Nelson The Answer
Gospel Songs Mp3

Jason Nelson knows The Answer… It’s Jesus. Every so often during the late 1970s, Bishop James D. Nelson, Sr. would motion to his six-year-old twin boys, Jason and Jonathan, to come to the front of his Greater Bethlehem Temple Church. There, dressed in their cute-as-a-button Sunday best, the young men would perform a duet on a classic Gospel tune. The congregation filled with excitement, loved hearing their voices.

Track List

01. Captured My Heart (Live)
02. Never Go A Day (Live)
03. Lord Of All (Live)
04. Forever (Live)
05. Help Me (Live)
06. Stripes (Live)
07. In The Room (Live)
08. Stay In His Hands (Live)
09. You’ve Got Me (Live)
10. All Of Me (Live)


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