New Album By London Gatch ‘Remember’ Available Now

New Album By London Gatch 'Remember'
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BEC Recordings artist London Gatch releases her latest album titled Remember: Live From Seacoast. The album features a night of worship including Mack Brock and Brandon Lake.

Gatch shares about the album:

There’s something so powerful about remembering…

Remembering who you are.
Remembering where you come from.

Over the past few years, I’ve found myself asking so many questions and reevaluating what I think and believe… and I felt God leading me to the most important question of all: “do you remember whose you are?”

You are the daughter, or son, of a good and loving father.

I have been by your side through it all, your best days and your darkest nights, so when you look back over your life and see me in those moments… standing with you, fighting for you, going before you, walking beside you, holding you close… you can REMEMBER that I will always be there… today and tomorrow, the same as I have been.

God, I’ll praise you on the mountain, I’ll trust you in the valley… wherever you may find me! I’ll praise you in the waiting, in every season changing… wherever you may take me! You are always good!

How great is Your faithfulness!

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