Apollo LTD Releases New Single “Misfits”

Apollo LTD, Photo by GospelMinds EntApollo LTD, Photo by GospelMinds Ent
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Indie pop duo Apollo LTD returns with a brand new single, titled “Misfits”, offered now on all outlets.

“Misfits” features Jordan Phillips’ and Adam Stark’s retro-smooth production, with electronic synths and falsetto vocals coming together for an addictive, mesmerizing hook. It also holds a universally relatable message:

“It’s a song about feeling like you don’t fit in, but realizing that actually might be ok,” Stark says. “It’s more about realizing where you belong in the world, rather than if you belong. Embracing our differences is what makes this life beautiful.”


Sick and tired of seeking straight lines
‘Cause that’s a destination in your imagination, you’re just –
Like a shadow in the brake lights
Perception is as real as it gets

This silver screen inside our hands
Has locked us in a high school dance
And here we are, the ones who stand
With our backs to the wall

They told us we were misfits
Only on the outside looking in
We know that the truth is
We were really meant to be, meant to be like this
They told us we were misfits
Meant to be like this
We were really meant to be
We were really meant to be like this

All this smoke but you can cut through
No one like another, we’re all inventing colors, maybe
I’ll be me and you can be you
Perfection only lives in your head

The hesitation haunts our hearts
We’re losing track of who we are
Like comets chasing shooting stars
And it’s only because

There’s beauty in a broken heart, broken heart
There’s beauty in a broken heart, broken heart

Buy/stream Apollo LTD’s new song “Misfits” here:

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