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Last week (Feb 19) Residence/Centricity Music’s cinematic, alt-pop duo Apollo LTD delivers the official music video for “Patient”. The track was released last year (Aug. 7) at all digital and streaming outlets globally.

Jordan Phillips and Adam Stark, two longtime friends who make up Apollo LTD, share the common goal to write honest songs that unite, turning the challenges that all humans face into reasons to band together. While the duo’s first single of 2020, the No. 18 and climbing Hot AC / CHR Billboard hit “You” and its companion American Songwriter-premiered video reaffirms that humans have inherent value regardless of circumstances, “Patient” is an encouragement when things do not always turn out as planned.

“Our lives have been a constant tension of wanting to hurry up and ‘finish the race,’ but I’m learning that the best way to finish is slow and steady,” says Phillips. “It often manifests in the form of setbacks.”

“We’re constantly learning how to shift our perspective on setbacks so we can view them rather as setups for what’s next,” adds Stark. “There’s always another mountain, but it’s in the valley where we learn how to climb.”

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So this is broken I guess
And if I’m being honest I’m over my head
The hurt rages inside wave after wave like the ocean tide
I’ve done all I can
It’s out of my hands

It’s easy to forget
It’s part of Your plan, there’s a light up ahead
But right now I’m restless, I need You because I’m anxious
I’ve done all I can
It’s all in Your hands

When my world keeps on shaking, and I’m breaking
When the skies won’t stop raining, and I’m fading
Help me to be okay with what I can’t change
And remind me there’s meaning in the waiting
Help me to be patient

Don’t know how long I can last
I need some reassurance that this too shall pass
I throw my hands up in the air, don’t wanna be a slave to fear
I know I gotta let it go

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