Music: Blanca – Amor De Primera

Blanca - Renovada EP
Gospel Songs Mp3

Curb | Word Entertainment powerhouse vocalist Blanca released the official music video for “Amor de Primera,” from her recently released Renovada, which can be viewed below.

Historically, Blanca has naturally translated her lyrics from English to Spanish, but for Renovada, she intentionally crafted every song from the ground up in her native tongue. Renovada, which means “renewed,” pays tribute to Blanca’s late parents, both of whom she previously lost to cancer. The new project honors her parents’ legacy and her Puerto Rican lineage. “My Spanish culture and deep Latina roots play a huge part in this,” she explains. “My parents always desired for me to embrace this part of me and create music for my people and my family. So here I am, finally doing just that. They aren’t here to see it happen, but I’m hoping through the music and the songs, I can keep their legacy alive.”

Renovada is available now to download or stream Link:

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