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[AUDIO + VIDEO] Chi-Gospel – Your Presence

Chi-Gospel - Your Presence

Music evangelist extraordinaire, Chi-Gospel leads us into the new year with a decent time-spotting song “Your Presence”.

The prolific tune has a trademark of uniqueness in delivery as it depicts a trophic entry into a new year full of hope.

Produced by outstanding beat maker, HillsPlay, “Your Presence” preserves the Western gospel blues as it recaps a perfect description as per evaluating the basis of placing God first as the year begins in other to achieve a perfect year long and a remarkable epilogue.

According to the US-based, Nigerian minstrel; “Your Presence’ is a clear eyeopening as per understanding the efficacy of moving al9ng with God in one’s daily endeavors hence the delivery of ‘Your Presence’, download and enjoy!”.


Audio Production: HillsPlay
Mix/Mastering: Greenwox
Video Cinematographer: JaayLyte


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