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Chris MBOTAKE I No Want Craze Pastor RozelleChris MBOTAKE I - No Want Craze ft Pastor Rozelle
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Uprising Cameroon-based Gospel Singer, a trained Pastor from ANFCBII Edo State Nigeria, Chris MBOTAKE debuts his first ever single titled “I No Want Craze” featuring Pastor Rozelle from South Africa.

The inspiration behind this song was during one of my teachings on THE POWER OF PRAISE!. My human inabilities to fathom God’s greatness mentally, because each time i try to push it harder it pains my brain then all i do is surrender because my mind can’t contain “I No WANT CRAZE“! – Chris MBOTAKE.

‘I No Want Craze’ was Produced by Keecy Keyz.

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“I No Want Craze” Lyrics
Chris Mbotake ft Pastor Roselle

Turn the worshipper loose inside of me
Let the praise begin, let my worship arise
To you, to you, to you

Immortal invisible God
How can mere mortals understand you
Incredible unsearchable
The more we know you
The more we realize that we don’t know you
My mind can’t contain so I surrender because
I no want craze oh
My mind can’t contain so I surrender because
I no want craze oh

What a God whose weakness is stronger than men
Whose foolishness is wiser than men
Where was science when he laid the foundations of the earth ah
I choose to believe in the report of the Lord
Oh hallelujah, for human minds are too small to comprehend to comprehend who you are
Blessed be your name father

Omni potent, Omni present
Jehovah the mighty man in battle
My hands are lifted I surrender all
To the King of kings (We hail you)
Lord of lords (we hail you 2x)
Oh oh oh oh oh we hail you (We hail
Great and mighty God you are incredible God
So we hail you (We hail you)
Lord we lift our hands (We hail you) we hail you Jesus yeah
(We hail you)

Oh hallelujah we praise your name father
You deserve our worship
(I no want craze oh oh oh oh oh)
Help me control myself in here
Before I lose my mind yeah
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (Oh)
You never stop blowing my mind
(I no want craze oh)

Awesome God some call you the great one
Others call you the mighty God
But I call you the Omni render me speechless
Oh hallelujah to your name father

Artiste Profile

Chris MBOTAKE is a degree holder in Music and Theology from ANFCBII Edo State, Nigeria. He is an anointed worship leader, songwriter, music director, producer and author of the book “Someone’s Looking For You” a handbook for single ladies aspiring to get married.

Chris MBOTAKE began his musical career as an instrumentalist in Church before answering God’s call into the ministry. As a trained Pastor, worship leader and music director, he has led choirs on both national and international gathering of believers.

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