Chris Morgan Ft. Mercy Chinwo – Amanamo

Chris Morgan Ft. Mercy Chinwo - Amanamo
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Chris Morgan featuring sought out award winning gospel singer Mercy Chinwo, in new song titled “Amanamo”.

Both together make this track a song to worship with for all season.

LYRICS: Amanamo By Chris Morgan & Mercy Chinwo

[Verse 1] Heaven is open over me
Countless blessing overflowing
Countless miracles, countless testimonies
Shower everywhere for me
Abundance of grace, abundance of grace
(How can I describe
What you’ve done for me)

[Chrous] (Amanamo) [x2] Eyen’abasi amanamo Oh

[Chorus – Translation] You have done well
You have done well
Son of God
You have done well

[Verse 2] You are beyond human comprehension
Words are inadequate to express who you are
Who can calculate the dust of the air
Who can measure the waters of the sea
Who can measure the sand of the sea shore
Who can number the hairs on my head
Who can phantom the wonders of your love
Who am I, who am I that you are mindful of me

[Repeat Chorus] [Verse 3] What my mama cannot do
What my papa cannot do
What money cannot buy
You have done for me
What doctors couldn’t have done
You have done for me
Generous baba (Generous baba)

[Repeat Chorus]

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