TRIBL – I’m Gonna Worship ft. Dante Bowe & Maryanne J. George

DOWNLOAD MP3: I'm Gonna Worship (Lyrics + Video) by TRIBL

TRIBL - I'm Gonna Worship ft. Dante Bowe & Maryanne J. George
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Watch the official Music Video for “I’m Gonna Worship” by TRIBL featuring Maryanne J. George & Dante Bowe.

Written by Maryanne J. George, Dante Bowe & Majesty Rose Bergman. “I’m Gonna Worship” will premiere on Maryanne “MJ” George’s debut EP Available Now! It features a collection of deep-felt worship, uplifting praise songs and extended/spontaneous versions.

Listen to I’m Gonna Worship on ‘Not Just Stories’ Available Now! Download Link:


Verse 1
I don’t have the time to tell it all
But praise changed my life
With every mountain scaled, I’ll bring my all
I’ll sacrifice, a sacrifice
I’m gonna worship
I’m gonna worship

Verse 2
My voice may fade with age but what is left
I’ll give it to You
I’ve made my vows and I’ve counted up the costs
So here’s what I’ll do

Holy holy
Worthy worthy

Verse 3
And finally when I see Him face to face
It’ll all be so clear
That all my days on earth didn’t go to waste
I know He’s real

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