David Gift – My Heart (Lyrics and Free Mp3 Download)

David Gift - My Heart
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David Ogbe Ebibode Gift, well known as David Gift has released his long anticipated single titled “My heart ” produced by Sasyl.

David Gift in his words he said “The early love is imperfect. There is lust and infidelity, lies and broken promises, mistrust and fear. Though it may seem beautiful and can lift spirits but beautiful form of love can sterm from the love of God for us, that can heal and save. So when we surrender to our hearts to Him, as the rightful owner, we experience His real love”

The song “My Heart” with the simple lyrics expresses the deep love of God and as well as a total surrender of our desire and will to God..


LYRICS: My heart by David Gift

Verse one :
Jesus your love is higher than the sky
My lips cannot express
(my lips cannot express)
Jesus your love is deeper than the oceans
My lips cannot describe (yeah) my words cannot describe

So I give myself as a living sacrifice to live for you alone
I’ll live for you alone

I give my self as a living sacrifice to live for you alone (yeah) to live for you alone…

Chorus :
I have decided
I have decided to give you my heart Lord, I give you my heart Lord  (2times )

Verse 2
If I had known
I for no waste my time
Just because of me you waited just to win my heart

Because of me, Lord you chose the cross
Yes you shed the blood and you died for me

Because of me Lord you chose the cross
Yes you shed your blood and you died for me..

(all sing chorus 4 times)

Bridge :
Ooh ooh ooh oooooh
Ooh ooh oooh
(repeat 4 times)

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