Dexter Walker & Zion Movement‘s 15 Tracks Album “Hope” Now Available

Dexter Walker Zion Movements
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The HOPE Album is EVERYTHING! It’s like BACK TO BACK HITS!!!) Yes, after drumming up quite the buzz with the project’s lead single ‘I’m Saved,’ Walker has unleashed the full length album. Hitting all major Digital Outlets, the project’s release has already taken social media by storm!

Artist: Dexter Walker & Zion Movement
Album: Hope
Original Release Date: 2018

Track Listing:
1.The Lord’s Prayer
2. All Power (feat. Jazmine Jones)
3. If Any Man Be In Christ
4. God Will Make a Way (feat. Joshua Jones)
5. Be OK (feat. LaFayette E. Young, Jr.)
6. I’m In Christ
7. Lord I Need You (feat. La’Tina Cunningham)
8. I’m Saved
9. My Hope Is In You (feat. Charlz Kay)
10. Joy
11. God’s Got Me (feat. Min. Tim White)
12. For the Rest of My Life (feat. Venus Young)
13. Lord You Brought Me (feat. B. Slade)
14. Supernatural God
15. Supernatural God (feat. B. Slade) [Bionic Choir Remix]

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