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Where do you turn when you’re broken
Where do you go when normal is shaken
Who do you call when you’re lonely
Who’d understand the way that you’re feeling

I’ve seen You’re healing the broken
I know that You care like the closest of friends
Your love isn’t measured, not forced, or possessive
You’re waiting for me to give in

So here it is
Here’s my SOS
Here’s my heart again
Here’s my brokenness

Oh here it is
Here’s my unbelief
Here’s my questioning
Here’s my hopelessness
Here’s my SOS

You are the one that I run to
Help me to never look back
Your goodness and mercy will always precede me
You’ve given me grace for my past

So here it is
Here’s my SOS
Here’s my faithfulness
Here’s my confidence

Oh here it is
Here’s my morning song
My praise within the storm
No matter what the cost
Here’s my all in all

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