Album: Eugenia Abadum – My Gratitude (Songs) Mp3 Download

Eugenia Abadum - My Gratitude
Gospel Songs Mp3

Budding Nigerian Christian music artist, singer, songwriter, and Catholic Nun Sr. Eugenia Abadum is out with her debut album titled “My Gratitude.”

The album is a compilation of eight beautiful songs rendered both in English, Italian language and three other Nigerian languages (Igbo a language predominantly spoken in the Eastern part of Nigeria, Hausa a language predominantly spoken in the Northern part of Nigeria and Igala a Yoruboid language spoken by the Igala ethnic group of Nigeria).

The album has features from two other amazing Christian music artists 3Shells and Padre Steve.

Her love and passion for music has been the driving force which has also motivated her to come up with these songs and some more which would be coming out soon. She also believes that through the tool of music she can reach out, evangelize and spread God’s love to humanity.

1. None Compares ft 3Shells
2. Mai Ceto Na
3. Ugwa Mi Bojo No ft Padre Steve
4. Regina Della Pace
5. Nar’ Ekelem
6. 247 (You Too Much)
7. Ever Faithful ft Padre Steve
8. Happy Birthday Mama


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