Download Mp3: Grace City – Holy, Holy / Santo, Santo (Lyrics)

Grace City - Holy, Holy Santo, Santo
Gospel Songs Mp3

Integrity Music releases a live performance video for “Holy, Holy / Santo, Santo” from Grace City featuring Chase Wagner and Evan Craft. The track was originally released last month.

“Holy, Holy / Santo, Santo” is available now to download or stream.

Lyrics: Holy, Holy (Santo, Santo)
Written by Chase Wagner, Chris McClarney, and Bede Korporaal

All throughout the ages,
for a thousand generations
Day and night and night and day
All heaven sings Your song

So we join with their singing
Take every breath we’re breathing
In and out and out and in
It all belongs to You

Holy holy holy holy
We’re joining in with Heaven’s song to You

Verse 2:
Your praise is not exhausted
No, we’re just getting started
on and on and on and on
We’ll sing forevermore

All glory and honor and power forever
For You alone are worthy
Oh You alone are worthy

Spanish Chorus:
Santo, santo, santo, santo
Con los ángeles cantamos
Al Señor

Spanish Bridge:
Tuya es la gloria, el poder, y a la honra
Sólo Tú eres digno

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