DOWNLOAD MP3: Kevin Quinn – I’m Still Breathing (Lyrics)

Kevin Quinn - I’m Still Breathing
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The newest pop artist Kevin Quinn released a hopeful new single titled “I’m Still Breathing.” Dropping just days after World Mental Health Day (October 10), the relatable lyrics divert the listener to a higher purpose than oneself, focusing on faith in the midst of dark and often impossible-feeling times.

The powerful track is a timely follow-up to his debut hit single “Wildfire,” and its accompanying Spanish-language version “Fuego En Mi Interior,” which received praise from PEOPLE, American Songwriter and more. While his acting roles have earned him global recognition on-screen, Quinn’s latest offering establishes him as a rising star in the music industry. With plans for more new music on the horizon, “I’m Still Breathing” builds upon the steady momentum he’s already built.

“I’m so excited for the world to finally hear ‘I’m Still Breathing,’ and I’m grateful for the opportunity to show the fans an even deeper side of me,” says Quinn. “I hope this song can be a source of inspiration and support to anyone needing to hear it.”

“I’m Still Breathing” is available now, everywhere you get your music. Stream here.

Calling out from the bottom
To my friends cause I lost ‘em
Is anybody out there
Is anybody out there

I wish that they could hear me
I’m familiar with the feeling
Feeling like no one cares
Tell me why they don’t care

The world keeps spinning slow
Down and out of hope
At least I’m not all alone

Cause even when I lost Your light
Your love would always make it right
My heart’s still beating
I’m still breathing
Swear I’ll make it out alive
No I ain’t afraid this time
My heart’s still beating
I’m still breathing

I still got a lot of questions
I’m ready to learn all your lessons
Show me that you’re out there
Show me that you’re out there

Cause you’re the grace that I needed
Your spiritual in all your being
Always giving me a reason
To go on, yeah

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