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Contemporary Christian music band Mosiac MSC releases a new song “Matter”, off their latest project titled “Where Would I Be Without You” which contains two tracks.

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Where would I be without your love
How I would get through all this stuff without you
I guess I will never have to know
How it would feel to walk alone

I have you
I have run to the end
Time and again
Come to the end of myself
I have come to the end
Time and again
But you show up every time

You are the rescue I’ve always needed
You never leave me on my own
For all that I am
You’ll come back again
You wouldn’t leave me
Not for a minute
You shoulder my weakness over again
For all that I am
You’d choose me again

Who would I be without your love
I have a past
But still you want me
And all of the things I used to know
Don’t even compare, they don’t come close
To knowing you

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