[Music Video] Poor Bishop Hooper – Christ

Poor Bishop Hooper - Christ
Gospel Songs Mp3

Poor Bishop Hooper is a husband and wife duo (Jesse Braswell Roberts and Leah Brace Roberts). They’ve just released a new music video aired first by The Gospel Coalition during their ‘Songs of Hope’ concert, and featuring Hooper’s Advent song “Christ.” This innovative track brings to life the genealogy of Christ found in Matthew 1.

“Christ” is the last track on their “Firstborn” EP, a meditative and effervescent collection of songs examining the personal experiences of various characters in the Christmas narrative. It simultaneously explores the four themes of the Advent season through each story – Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. Like much of Poor Bishop Hooper’s music, this EP brings the scriptures to life with musicality more reminiscent to Jonsi and Regina Specter than anything traditionally seen in the Gospel Music or CCM spaces.

The best things about Poor Bishop Hooper, however, you won’t find on their Spotify page. They have regularly taken live music performances into prisons, rural communities, and colleges around the country for no other purpose than to bless the listeners with powerful musical experiences written from God’s word. Jesse and Leah of Poor Bishop Hooper truly have hearts of gold, and their joy and faith shine through into every note of their music.

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