Download Mp3: Rivers Crossing Worship – Wonder In The Waiting

Rivers Crossing Worship - Wonder In The Waiting
Gospel Songs Mp3

Rivers Crossing Worship stands rooted in the promise in their new single titled “Wonder In The Waiting.”

Written by Rand Stephens and produced by Tyler Redman, Wonder In The Waiting reminds listeners that while they wait on God’s hand, He’s giving them His heart.

“Wonder In The Waiting was written for the person who has felt God promise them something or call them to something, but they currently are not seeing it as their reality. Maybe it looks like there’s no way it could possibly happen and they find themselves in a season of waiting. But the heart of every word in this song is to help them know where to put their hope, trust, and faith,” says Stephens, Worship Pastor for Rivers Crossing Community Church.

Inspired by Joshua 10 and the imagery of Joshua praying that God would make the sun stand still during an intense battle, Wonder in the Waiting gives light to those who may be facing dark situations.

“Joshua chooses not to trust what it looks like while he’s waiting on God to come through on His word,” Stephens says. “He trusts God’s promise more than he trusts the impossible situation in front of him and knows that the situation has to change, not God’s word.”

Many in the Rivers Crossing Church community have already felt the impact of singing the faith-filled lyrics of Wonder in the Waiting over their lives and church. Now, Rivers Crossing Worship hopes faith will be stirred in the hearts of listeners beyond their local worship services.

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