Download Mp3: SEU Worship – Walk With You (Album, Lyrics)

SEU Worship - Walk With You
Gospel Songs Mp3

SEU Worship released new music with an album titled “Walk With You.” The official live video for the title track can be viewed below.

SEU Worship’s newest acoustic album shares a closer look into who they are when leading worship.

Walk With You is available now to Download or Stream.

In the morning when I call Your name
Like a child waking up half afraid
You respond in a cool and calm voice
You say “Child, I was here through the night
And I’ll always be on your side”

I wanna walk with You
Talk with You, spend all my days with You
Where You are, Lord
Is where I wanna go
You’re always listening
Leading me, walking right next to me
I know You’re someone I can trust
Jesus, my friend and my God

In the running, in the riots of angst
You never left me ashamed
At the door You’re like a Father with patience
You say “Child I don’t wait in anger,
In my house you’re never a stranger”

In my hiding and my bitterness
You repair my stubborn heart
With Your grace
You cut right through my pride
You say “Child I see more
Than Your eyes do
Come take my hands and I’ll show You”

And if I run from You
Hide from You
Reject all the things you do
It’s never enough to disprove Your love
God, how You rescued me
Sheltered me and loved me so willingly
I know you’re someone I can trust
Jesus, my friend and my God

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