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The Belonging Co - This Far
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The Belonging Co, the fast-growing church based in Nashville, recently released a lyric video for “This Far” featuring David Dennis. “This Far” is a live worship moment captured at The Belonging Co Conference. The song emphasizes the unfailing and unchanging nature of God. His promises are as sure as His word; this is our eternal hope.

Listen to Now across all platforms. This album, released June 3, is a reflection of live worship moments that were captured within the church with the hope of bringing listeners into a personal encounter with God.

Lyrics: THIS FAR
Feat. David Dennis
Written By: Maggie Reed, Andrew Holt, Jacob Sooter

The road may get harder But You’re always stronger When the valley gets deeper You’re closer still
The storm may grow louder
But lightning and thunder
Won’t change You or shake You No, it never will

You didn’t bring me this far To leave me here
You didn’t ransom my heart To let it forget
Every wall You’ve torn down Every chain on the ground You didn’t bring me this far This far, to leave me here

When I was younger Your love was so real And as I’ve grown older You still have my heart
And there have been moments I thought it was over
But what I call an ending
You call the start

You never change, You never change And I know You won’t start now
You stay the same, You stay the same Even if it all falls down

You’re faithful then and now Even if it all falls down You’re faithful then and now Even if it all falls down

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