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Tonbra - You Are Holy
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Nigerian UK-based songwriter and worshipper at heart, Tonbra Nwosuagwu releases her debut single ‘You Are Holy’. The new single is a call to deeper worship with God. She considers the song ‘You Are Holy’ to be a ‘song from heaven’, given to her in her time of personal fellowship with God.

Tonbra is a Resilience and Mindset Coach, a Speaker, a Podcaster, Project Manager & Entrepreneur, however, beyond all of this Tonbra considers her most important title to be ‘Servant of God’. Tonbra started writing worship songs in 2014 and considers it to be a privilege to be used by God in this way.

Tonbra is a devoted wife and a mother to two beautiful girls whom she cherishes greatly.

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Verse 1
You are Holy
Let’s bow before our God and King
Let’s cry hosanna
Let’s worship He who reigns on high
Let’s join the angels
Crying Holy is our God

You are worthy
There is none besides our God
Creation worships
They cry Holy is our God

Verse 2
For He is righteous
He’s He who reigns from heaven above
The elders bow down
They cast their crowns before His throne
For He is Ageless
For He reigns from age to age
I call you Holy
Cause you’re deserving of my praise
(Repeat chorus) Bridge:
And so we come close, much closer than we have ever been. As we submit ourselves as true worshippers whom you seek Who will worship you in spirit and in truth
And we join the host of heaven
As we chant
Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God
The Almighty
The whole earth is filled with HIS glory

For You are holy
Our God who reigns from heaven above

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