DOWNLOAD Now: Psamilinho – God’s Own [EP]

Psamilinho - God's Own
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Nigerian Gospel artist, saxophonist and pilots Samuel is Akintoye musically known as Psamilinho is out with an Extended Playlist (EP) of three tracks and two instrumentals.

Phamilinho speaking on the different tracks on the EP, wrote;

Your love

This is a song that was inspired by the Holy spirit why meditating on the things of God, I was at work, phone dead, away from writing materials, I sang the chorus and verses once as it was sung in my heart and found out that it was marvelous and surprisingly I could remember the wordings from top to bottom, I had to borrow a friends phone to record it and plead with the friend not to delete so I can collect it from her.

After some months and a year plus, I came back from the studio while working on “Give me some” with little expectancy that the friend still has it, I put a call to her to ask if she still had it for me to collect and she said yes afterward forwarded it, there and then I told myself I am working on the song.


Was a song started as a chant slept over it and then the melody came from dreams, woke up SINGING “Oba ni o” and ending with Hallelujah, I recorded it on the phone call a friend of mine who is pianist worked on it, went into a rehearsal studio and sang it and it was a blessing to everyone passing along and from there on to this platform here

Give me some

This was previously released back in 2017 but due to request, it been added to the album. – Psamilinho

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