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Elevation Rhythm group  has dropped the official lyric video for their latest single titled “IYKYK.” The track breaks the mold for the band and is one of their most unique and energetic tracks released yet.

“IYKYK” is a play on the popular online acronym, meaning “if you know you know.” The lyrics are meant to inspire listeners to find their identity in their relationship with Christ. “This song is not just for young people; we’re all faced with what culture celebrates – whether it’s status, wealth, or relationships. We’ve found that all of those things are temporary, but God’s promises are eternal,” says Davide Mutendji of ELEVATION RHYTHM.

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Unsteady through emotions
I can be so up and down
Trying to find my focus
When my mind is spinning ‘round

Maybe I don’t need to know
How He’s gonna work it out
Gotta put my faith in Him
Trusting He’s at work right now

Who I know then
You know
You never ever have to chase
What the world could give

Who I know then
You know
You never ever have to fear
Cause He’s on your side

Doesn’t matter where I end up
As long as I am still with You
In every situation
God You’ve always seen me through

Maybe what’s impossible
Only seems that way for now
Gotta put my faith in Him
Trusting that He’ll turn it around

Who your father is
Then you know
How it’s gonna end
Yeah you’re gonna win

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