Audio + Lyrics :: Elwoma – Favoured Feat. Glowreeyah Braimah

Elwoma - Favoured Feat. Glowreeyah BraimahElwoma - Favoured Feat. Glowreeyah Braimah
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Elwoma Luther Abegunde is an award-winning music artiste, wife and mother. According to her, the song “Favoured” Featuring ‘Glowreeyah Braimah‘ was gotten as her Word for the year 2018, which coincidentally, tallies with the Word for the year at her home church Cornerstone Youth Church [RCCG]. Elwoma believes that music is her tool to share her message of hope in Christ Jesus with the world. And over the years, she has done just that.

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Lyrics: “Favoured” Elwoma Feat. Glowreeyah Braimah

Favour is my name,
Favoured is who I am
Favour is my name
Favoured is who I am
I am favoured
Yes I’m favoured x2
Who God don bless no man fit curse am
I am favoured
In the morning, at the noon time and everywhere I go oooo
I am favoured

We declare it
Ooooooh ooooo I am favoured
Ooooooh oooo I am flourishing
Oooooh ooooo I am royalty
Oooooh ooooo I am REFF

Winner is my name
Champion is who I am
Winner is my name
Champion is who I am

Repeat Chorus 1 and 2

Do the favoured clap x2
Everybody do the favoured clap
The heavens opened over us
God is pouring down torrents of rain

It is raining all around me ( rain of favour ) x4
Oooooh oooooooo
In the morning time ( I am favoured )
And in the noon time ( I am favoured )
Your case is different ( I am favoured , )
Yes it is yes it is ( favour is my name )

Favoured to be lifted eee ( I am favoured )
Favoured to be blessed ( I am favoured )
Favored to be so so great ( I am favoured )
( favour is my name )

It is raining all around me ( can you feel like it ) x4
Rain of royalty
Extreme favour
Extreme increase
Extreme blessing

Favour, faaaa favor, faaaa, favouvoor.

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