First Pentecostal Church Of North Little Rock “It Is Settled” Album

It Is Settled By First Pentecostal Church Of North Little Rock
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The new album from the First Pentecostal Church of North Little Rock (FPCNLR), “IT IS SETTLED”, is a sonically diverse and spiritually rich project that will bring Sunday morning worship directly to your listening device.

The 100 voices of the First Pentecostal Church Mass Choir resplendently bring the 16 tracks to life with vocal harmonies that will please the ear and soothe the soul. Produced by Kurt Kanhai (Darius Paulk), IT IS SETTLED is an album for such a time as this, to remind listeners of the overall provenance of God – regardless of trial or test.

IT IS SETTLED was recorded to commemorate the 70th Arkansas International Camp meeting that FPCNLR hosts every year. In 1946, Bishop AO Holmes and family moved to North Little Rock to assume the pastorate of First Pentecostal Church.

Pastor Joel Holmes and his son, Pastor Nathan Holmes, who together lead the church, are both featured on IT IS SETTLED.

1. Fpcnlrmusic (Intro) [Live] [feat. Pastor Joel Holmes]
2. All Glory and Honor and Praise (Live)
3. Garment of Praise (Live)
4. It Is Settled (Live)
5. Willing Vessel (Live)
6. This Place (Live)
7. Nobody Higher (Live)
8. There’s a Fount (Live)
9. Everybody Ought to Know (Live) [feat. Pastor Nathaniel Urshan]
10 . Celebration Medley (Live)
11 . One (Live)
12 . Our God Is One (Intro) [Live] [feat. Pastor Gary Robinson]
13 . Our God Is One (Live)
14 . Sunday Night Live (Praise Break)
15 . This Place (Spanish Version) [Live] [feat. Sarai Rivera]
16 . This Place (Live) [Extended Version]

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