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Flourish Worshippa Grateful Heart
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Now, the song GRATEFUL HEART was given to Flourish Worshippa in a place of prayer and that’s why the wordings are in-depth spiritual, the manifestations are deep and the revelations spells out how faithful God is.

“Indeed, I am grateful for who He is to me and for whom He has made me to be. I am. HALLELUJAH!” – Flourish Worshippa.

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Awesome God that’s who you are
Mighty God you’re worthy
Master of the universe you’re done so much…
He who was and He’s to come
He who stands and there’s no other
You’ve been my everything
You’ve done so much

I am grateful for your love
Response : yahweh
Lead: Great and mighty God you are
Response: yahweh
Lead: faithful God you are
Glourious God you are
Response: yahweh
Lead: you are God all by yourself
Response: yahweh
Lead: Lord I’m grateful for your grace
Response :yahweh
Lead: you are powerful God
Response: yahweh
Lead: faithful, glorious God you are
Response: yahweh
Lead: you are great and mighty glorious God
Response: yahweh

Holy you are worthy of my praise
And I will worship you oh God forevermore….
Lead :yahweh
Response :yahweh
Lead :yahweh
Response :yahweh
Lead:you’ve touched my life and gave me a bland new start..
Lead:yes you did
Response :yahweh
Lead:oh God I owe you for who I am today
Response: yahweh
Lead :yahweh
Response :yahweh
Lead:you brought me from the miry clay, set my feet on the rock to stand
You are great and mighty God glorious God powerful God
Lead:what you say you will do that’s what you have done
Lead:yahweh, yahweh
Miracle worker
Promise keeper say…
Response: yahweh
Lead:you are the first and last the beginning and the end
Response: yahweh
Lead: yahweh…


Flourish Worshippa Bio

Flourish Worshippa is an anointed praise and worship leader, songwriter and a composer. She started singing at the age of 15 at Assemblies of God church until 2016 when she decided to take it to another level by the help of the Holy Spirit.

By the grace of God almighty, she has been able to release the following singles: Glory of the Lord, Chimaramma and Reason for the Season.

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