Gabriel Conte Drops Debut Album ‘Belong’

Gabriel Conte Album Belong
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Content creator-turned-emerging pop star Gabriel Conte releases his debut album Belong (out via Capitol CMG / RE:THINK).

Co-written by Gabriel, the 10-tracks of Belong sonically channel the likes of Shawn Mendes, Lauv and The Band CAMINO, while Conte openly grapples balancing depression, hope and despair, commitment and resilience, and family and devotion. The collection is a chronological journey of Gabriel’s personal peaks and valleys — from leaving LA (“Los Angeles”) to finding love (“Boca to Brisbane” and “Me With You”); battling and overcoming depression (“Wrong With Me” and title track “Belong”) to finding meaning in “Rollercoaster.”

With the release of early singles “I’m Not Sorry,” “Wrong With Me” and “Los Angeles,” the 26-year-old Boca Raton-native has landed on Spotify’s international Viral 50 playlists, Trending Tracks and Positive Pop.

Belong Track List:

  1. Belong (Conte, White)
  2. Proud (Conte, Staines, White)
  3. Be Somebody (Conte, White)
  4. Me With You (Conte, Hancock, Mullins, Staines, White)
  5. Boca to Brisbane (Conte, White)
  6. I’m Not Sorry (Conte)
  7. Rollercoaster (Conte, White)
  8. Wrong With Me (Conte, White)
  9. Belong – Where Your Heart Is (Conte, White)
  10. Los Angeles (Conte, Hancock, Mullins, Staines)

Save/listen to Belong HERE

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