Music: Ginny Owens – Expression II: Wonder

Ginny Owens - Expression II Wonder
Gospel Songs Mp3

Energetic singer and multiple award-winning artist Ginny Owens became a household name when she was named the Gospel Music Association’s “New Artist of the Year” in 2000. In a meaningful career that now encompasses nearly two decades of music, the critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter is now celebrating the recent release of Expression II: Wonder, which dropped this week (Feb 12).

Expressions II: Wonder is available now to download or stream.

Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, a degenerative eye condition left Ginny completely blind by the tender age of three. As her vision diminished, her love of music and the piano expanded, and Ginny discovered songwriting as a window into her unseen world. The unique perspectives inspired by her vision impairment have resulted in inspirational lyrics paired with her diverse musicianship to afford her a space on an even more diverse set of stages, including the Sundance Film Festival, Lilith Fair and the White House, and recordings that transcend genre expectations.

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