Integrity Music Unveils 12-track Album ‘Speak To The Storm’ from LIFE Worship

Speak To The Storm from LIFE Worship
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The 12-track album was penned by members of the LIFE Worship team, providing a musical snapshot of the teaching, spiritual formation and community found at LIFE, which is pastored by Steve and Charlotte Gambill.

Speak To The Storm takes its title and overarching theme from Mark 4:35-41 (“even the wind and the waves obey him”) says Pastor Charlotte Gambill: “We all have storms… the raging winds and waves that paralize us. Loud lies of lightning and thunder that cast us in the shadows of fear and uncertainty. But everyone also has a voice, and our words have power.”

Produced by LIFE Worship’s John Rees and Sem Schaap, Speak To The Storm features team members Aaron Baxter, Jock James, Eby Corydon, Amy Haguma and Matt Hooper (writer of “We Believe”) among others on lead vocals.

Tracklist for Speak To The Storm, including featured vocalists, is: 

  1. “How Can We Not (Give Praise)” – featuring Eby Corydon, Aaron Baxter

  2. “Imagine” – featuring Jonny Crabtree

  3. “Great Is Your Faithfulness” – featuring Matt Hooper, Eby Corydon

  4.  “Miracles Happen” – featuring Aaron Baxter

  5. “We Just Want To Worship” (Spontaneous) – featuring Eby Corydon

  6. “Breakthrough Here” – featuring Jock James

  7. “Always Enough” – featuring Aaron Baxter

  8. “Fearless Abandon” – featuring Eby Corydon

  9. “Peace Be Mine” – featuring Amy Haguma

  10. “Here & Now” – featuring Aaron Baxter

  11. “Seas Of Glass” – featuring Matt Hooper

  12. “Freedom At The Cross” – featuring Jock James

  13. “A Thousand Times (Thank You)” – featuring Chelsea & Ryan Carins

  14. *Bonus “Speak To The Storm” message from Pastor Charlotte Gambill appears on the digital album.

Speak To The Storm is available all major Digital sales and Streaming platforms.


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