J. Crum – We Gon Make It

J. Crum - We Gon Make It New Song
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Christian rap/hip-hop artiste J. Crum drops brand new single, “We Gon Make It.” This song was produced by the talented Tory Hooks. J. Crum sings encouragement to the listener in efforts to let them know that they aren’t alone in their struggles. In the verses, Crum is giving an inside look of his own struggles and where he finds the source of his hope.

“I wrote this song in a season where I, and a bunch of people that I love were struggling to find hope,” says Crum’s “When you are in the middle of the storm it’s difficult to hold on to the fact that whatever this is, isn’t forever. We can’t lose sight of that.”

“WE GON MAKE IT” is the seventh song released from Crum’s Vigilantes Vol. 1 series. Look for new music from J. Crum every 2 weeks this Summer/Fall.

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