Jekalyn Carr ‘One Nation Under God’ Album Now Available

Jekalyn Carr One Nation Under God
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Jekalyn Carr much anticipated album ‘One Nation Under God’, is now available on digital Markets. The album is a call for all of God’s people to unite, removing the limitations of race, religion, denomination, organization, location, gender, or class. With this new release, Carr addresses how God desires to see His people, and how we should see ourselves – as one united body of believers. God’s love for us all is consistent.

The same love, grace, and mercy that He extends to one, He extends to all. Carr’s passion has always been to inspire the people of God to live blessed and to walk in every promise that He has spoken over their lives. That is a very strong theme throughout One Nation Under God, as Carr focuses on corporate worship and spiritual community.

She prays that this project helps to foster a global impact and remind believers that we are all connected. She states, “I feel compelled to reiterate that we, the people of God, are ONE body.

No matter where we are, America, Africa, or Russia, we are all connected by the God we serve, and the grace that He has over our lives.” One Nation Under God comes on the heels of Carr’s first live record, The Life Project, which has inspired millions and is considered by many to be her coming-of-age release.

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