Lyrics + Video: Jovan Whyte – Everything Lord

Jovan Whyte - Everything Lord
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Jovan Whyte is an Ordained Minister and Christian Worship Artist who desires to equip the church and the world with meaningful worship music that has a message to encourage people to thrive in a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. As a Jamaican native and ordained minister with 10+ years of experience evangelizing in the Caribbean, Latin America, Brazil, and North America, Jovan’s sound is a natural fusion of his community. He also shares ministry with his wife, Kahilah, invariably leading seminars on marriage and family, as well as worshipping together at churches internationally.

“’Everything Lord‘ is a prayer of surrender and dedication to God. The song came from a place of meditation and deep soul searching, inspired by the times we are now living in. We need to let go of the wheel and let God take everything.”- Jovan Whyte

The song is a fusion of gospel vocals with a Christian contemporary worship vibe portraying the message of surrender. We pray you get inspired and encouraged to cast all your burdens to Christ as you worship to this song.

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Lyrics: Everything Lord By Jovan Whyte

Less of me and more of You
God my portion, I’m nothing without You
So empty my heart as it overflows
You’re my King so I’m letting go

Everything Lord belongs to You
My desires and my dreams begin with You
So take my will, my life, it’s Yours to use
Everything Lord belongs to You

I’m the branch, and You’re the source
You give joy like strength, hope that endures
By faith, I’ll trust You with all my heart
As I lean on Your everlasting arms

Over and over, over and over
I will surrender, I will surrender
Over and over, over and over
I will surrender, I will surrender

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