MUSIC VIDEO: Know You – Koryn Hawthorne

Koryn Hawthorne Know You
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Urban Inspirational Christian artist, Koryn Hawthorne, dropped her new music video for the amazing single “Know You.” The new video marks the second video released from the songstress’ Essential Worship Song Session series, following the debut of her music video “How Great” featuring contemporary Christian music artist and songwriter, Matt Maher.

The album version of “Know You” features worship leader and songwriter, Steffany Gretzinger, and highlights Hawthorne’s pursuit to know God’s heart above all. – Koryn Hawthorne

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I don’t want to live in the shal – lows
I was made to search the deep
If You’re not in it I don’t want it
I want all of You, take all of me

[CHORUS] I want to know You, really know You
I want to know You Lord
I want to know You, long to show You
Nothing matters more

[TURN] [VERSE 2] Lead me Lord and I will fol – low
Bind my wandering heart to thee
There’s no life with – out You in it
I want all of You take all of me
I want all of You take all of me

[CHORUS] [x2] [BRIDGE] [X2] Anything else is empty
Everything else has an ending
Nobody else, nobody else satisfies

[CHORUS] [X2] [VERSE 1] [TAG] I want all of You, take all of me

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