Life.Church Worship Releases New Single “As You Are”

Life.Church Worship - As You Are
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Life.Church Worship dropped their new single, “As You Are,” today in celebration of Life.Church’s 25-year anniversary. In 1996, Senior Pastor Craig Groeschel and his wife Amy started Life.Church to create a place where everyone’s welcome—no matter who they are or where they’ve been. The new song captures the heart behind that message and reminds listeners that God loves them, just as they are, and offers hope for the future.

“This song was written for anyone who feels overwhelmed, heavy, or worn down,” said Cassidy Estevez of Life.Church Worship. “It’s a reminder that we don’t have to fix ourselves to be welcomed into the presence of God. He’s a safe place for us to wrestle with our questions, and He’s always there to lovingly guide us toward the abundant life He has for each of us.”


If you’re lonely longing for someone to hear you
If your burdens feel like more than you can bear
If you’re searching for a place to just be honest
Come just as you are

If you’re tired of just hoping for an answer
If you’re wishing you could let your guard come down
If you feel like you can’t hold it all together
Come just as you are

There’s no need for any hiding
In the Father’s house you’re met with open arms
He gives grace without conditions
As you are, with nothing else, just come

There is space for everyone who feels unworthy
A place for those who’ve never felt at home
Where you don’t have to wonder if you’re wanted
Come just as you are

There’s a hope for you and me, his name is Jesus
He’s the one who makes the broken whole again
(So) There’s no need for you to pick up all your pieces
Come just as you are

Come to Jesus
Come to Jesus

Maybe you have always thought of God as distant
Maybe you have never trusted Him at all
There’s safety here to wrestle with your questions
Come just as you are

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