New Album: Lindy & The Circuit Riders – Driven By Love

Lindy & The Circuit Riders - Driven By Love
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Worship Leader Lindy Conant aka Lindy & The Circuit Riders Returns with new album titled “Driven By Love”.

Lindy and her husband now foster a baby boy since their encounter in Kansas City that inspired the title track.

“…we were at YWAM in Kansas City and the speaker poured his guts out about a generation who will be and is driven by love. When we responded in worship, no song existed to articulate what was happening in the room. That was the first time this chorus was sung. That night, [my husband] and I separately heard from the Lord about taking in children and also the nation of India. This song feels more personal than ever because of the little one that sits in our home now. We have heard it 1000 times, but let’s keep letting it sink in: ‘Without love, We are clanging cymbals. Without love, we just add to the noise. This isn’t a love that my own strength can conjure up. It’s a love that comes from surrender and being poor in Spirit so LOVE Himself can love THROUGH His people.’”

“My prayer is that you meet Jesus, find His heart and fall more in love with Him. That’s what happened to me while watching [Driven By Love] form over the last two years.” Conant.

Thank you for considering Driven By Love. We hope you enjoy such a worshipful compilation of songs that both embolden and empower.

Track Listing “Driven By Love (Album) by Lindy & The Circuit Riders

1. Stand in Awe

2. Driven By Love

3. Driven By Love (Spontaneous)

4. Not Ashamed

5. Obedience

6. Obedience (Spontaneous)

7. We will ride

8. Mercy

9. Beautiful and Glorious

10. Hands and Feet

11. Mark my hands

12. Can’t keep quiet

13. Worthy of it all

Deluxe Album Includes:

  1. Take Courage
  2. I Really Love You – featuring Lucas McCloud and Chloe Mack

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