Lyrics + Video: Anna Golden – YOU

Anna Golden - YOU
Gospel Songs Mp3

The Official Music Video for “YOU” by Anna Golden, from his Brand New Album ‘Peace: The Album’ Coming May 14th.

Get the song here:

Looking out, looking forward
To all that’s ahead
God, I see what You’re doing
And You’re not finished yet
Leaning in, leaning onto
All that You’ve said
God I see how You’re moving
And You’re not finished yet

Pressing, onward to all that matters
Focused, and I’ll keep running to

Chasing after You
What matters now is You
Focused on, on You

In all things You get glory
From the rocks to the sea
God, if You can use anything
Won’t You use me

You, It’s all about You
Forever my heart beats
To the song You wanna sing
It’s You, it’s all about You
My life a melody
In Your grand symphony

Focused on you
Oh I’m chasing, I’m chasing
Chasing after You


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