[Official Music Video] Mike Mains & The Branches – Breathing Underwater

Mike Mains & The Branches - When We Were In Love
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Mike Mains & The Branches – Breathing Underwater

The song, much like the rest of the album, comes from a deeply personal place as founding members Mike Mains and Shannon Briggs struggled through a rough season in their marriage and then experienced joy in rebuilding the relationship through counseling. “I finally felt brave enough to explore that pain, and a lot of this record feels like someone eavesdropping,” Mains shares. “The song eavesdrops on some of my therapy sessions. In therapy we talked a lot about kintsugi and so that helped inspire a lot of things on the album, including the album art and some of the things in this video as well. It’s a song about forgiveness and regret and it’s kind of a big fat apology.”


In the morning over coffee
Threw my heart on the table
Told you what I did in the dark
You felt far away
I was going to be your shelter
Held you while you fell asleep
We were in the back of my car
Before you were far away
Now that you see
Darkness in me
Wont’ you please
Take me deep in your river
Sugar, let me soak
Until I’m clean

Set my dirty lungs on fire
I surrender to your mystery
I’m breathing underwater
Now my brain is in a vice grip
He’s taking lots of notes
Telling me I’m making progress
I broke everything
I’m a zombie on the sidewalk
Stumble into strangers
Thinking about kissing the traffic
God, It’d be so quick
Spider’s crawling in my brain
Feeling so far away
It’s strange
Take me deep in your river
Sugar, let me soak
Until I’m clean
Set my dirty lungs on fire

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