Music: Anthony Odion – It’s Grace

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Rising Gospel music artiste Anthony Odion has released a brand new single titled ”It’s Grace”.

”This song was inspired in my heart during my personal worship session. The song is my testimony and also the testimony of every believer of Jesus Christ. It is the testimony of Jesus taking our place and granting to us what we do not deserve, which is ‘GRACE’. So the song is just basically meant to remind us of what was done for us and what was granted to us. Because i believe we should always be in remembrance of the grace of God and also rejoicing in the experience of Grace”. – Anthony Odion

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Solo 1
I would not be here
If it’s not for grace
If it’s not for love
That u showed to me

When i look behind
And see where i was
Look at me today
It’s all because of grace

I know i dont deserve it,
What you did for me
You came and took my place
Thank you for your grace

Oh oh oh oh oh (2ce)
Oh oh oh oh oh(2ce)

It’s grace it’s grace
That found me
And loved me

It’s grace it’s grace
Justifies me
And favours me

It’s jesus it’s Jesus
It’s jesus it’s Jesus

Solo 2
When they look at me
All they see it’s you
All they its grace
Shining in my life

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