Music: Chris Morgan “Another Revolution (New Timeless Worship)

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Chris Morgan’s discography reflects his passion to create resources for the body of Christ –the church- that leads people into an honest and intimate relationship with their creator. He is the president of Worship Nation (also known as Worship on the hills of Africa) and the CEO of Apples of Gold Records and the Star Breeders academy (SBA).

He is also the Host of the Worship Rain Conference and Chris Morgan MTS Foundation, (Ministering to the suffering – Orphanages, Widows, the Poor and the Hungry). His incredible unique style of prophetic worship has become a legendry throughout the entire globe.

Chris Morgan has released 3 amazing albums to his name, Beyond the Shadows, Arabaribiti and in 2014, Another Revolution.

Chris just released his new album titled Another Revolution.

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The album is available on iTunes and all online retail stores.

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