Music: Joy Panam – The Reason I Live (FREE Download)

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The singer, songwriter and On Air personality on Naija Fm Joy Panam drops “The Reason I Live” from her second album “Revive Me” for free download.


In a press release she shares the inspiration behind the song:

“The Reason I Live’ is song of thanksgiving to God for seeing me through the many hurdles and challenges I went through living in another city far away from family and loved ones.

I moved to Lagos in 2008, based on God’s instructions to leave my father and mother’s house to a place he would show me just like he instructed Abraham to live his father and mother’s house to a land where he would show him.

I broke the news to my Dad. After a week of struggling with that instruction it was tough, but my dad also sensed that it was time to go. He prayed for me, blessed me and released me. One of the words he told me while he was praying for me is that ‘it’s going to be tough at the beginning, but in a short while you will be sought after’.

To cut the long story short, it was a tough decision to make. I remember beleiving God for every meal, for every dime. I remember having to trek a long distance to drop my CD at a radio station because I didn’t have money for transport. I walked to a certain point, sat down at a spot and cried out in public. I felt like God had abandoned me.

I remember being locked out of the house I was living in by the caretaker and having no where to go, I remember questioning God if he brought me to Lagos to suffer. In the mist of all the challenges I faced, God was with me and he had proved that in so many ways.

I’ve witnessed God provide for me out of nothing, deliver me from accidents and armed robbery attacks.  God has come through for me numerous times. His grace, mercy and love had seen me through the hard times. I’m not where I want to be, but i’m not where I used to be.

Looking back at those dark and early days, I realised that there’s no way I could have made it without him, he truly is ‘The Reason why I Live’.

Joy Panam is the daughter of Dr. Panam Percy Paul, more importantly a lover of God, a music and media consultant

The song was produced by Iyke Onka for 90° studios.

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