Music: Reach Records – Summer Nineteen

Reach Records - Summer Nineteen
Gospel Songs Mp3

The Reach Records releases new album project titled “Summer Nineteen” Playlist and features some of your favorite artists both established and up-and-coming.

All of the songs were released as singles by the artists and placed onto the playlist. So it’s not an album, but a giant group of songs. There are 37 artists and producers on this list. Missing from the project are Andy Mineo and Trip Lee, unfortunately.

Reach Records Playlist
  1. “IN LUV” by Wande (Prod. by Iggy Music)
  2. “Glory” by WHATUPRG feat. GAWVI (Prod. by Iggy Music)
  3. “California Dreamin” by 116 feat. Lecrae, John Givez (Prod. by Zaytoven)
  4. “x10″ by Aha Gazelle, 1K Phew (Prod. by Carvello, Ace Harris)
  5. “Motions” by Hulvey (Prod. by Cardec, Zach Paradis)
  6. “Energy” by nobigdyl. feat. Torey D’Shaun (Prod. by Carvello, Dave James)
  7. “Big Wave” by 116 feat. Lecrae, Parris Chariz (Prod. by Iggy Music, Mashell)
  8. “Switches” by DJ Mykael V feat. Joey Vantes, Jon Keith, seni. (Prod. by Tee Wyla)
  9. “Activate” by Tedashii feat. Steven Malcolm (Prod. by Mashell, Zach Paradis)
  10. “HD” by Torey D’Shaun (Prod. by Torey D’Shaun, Brett Love, Joel McNeill)
  11. “Control” by CASS feat. Parris Chariz, Aklesso (Prod. by CASS)
  12. “Too Much” by WHATUPRG (Prod. by JuiceBangers, Epikh Pro)
  13. “BAND$” by Wande feat. Byron Juane (Prod. by YoisThatRb)
  14. “Hold Me Back – Latin” by KB feat. GabrielRodriguezEMC, Eliud L’Voices, Niko Eme, Tommy Royale (Prod. by Cardec)

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