Music: Tori Kelly – Kid I Used To Know

Kid I Used To Know By Tori Kelly
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Tori Kelly “Kid I Used To Know”

Official Lyrics:
Lost in this desert
Feels like a thousand years
Looking for water
Swear there was an ocean here

How do I get back where I came from
When everything has all changed so much
Feeling the pressure now
It’s tying my heart down
I’m missing the empty skies of my youth
Never a cloud only ever bright blues
Just want that peace again
But the chaos is closing in

I know that I can’t ever go back to the world where life was only
Playing, dreaming, dancing on my own
I keep trying to find that fearless heart that’s running wild with
Nothing weighing heavy on my soul
Looking for the kid I used to know

All of these voices
It’s hard to tune them out
I should accept it
It ain’t so simple now

I wanna say whatever I want
Not even think about falling in love
Chasing the rainbows
And where did the time go

Oh back when I
Learned to fly, colored outside the lines

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