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Holy Spirit come Lyrics by Nessa ft. GUC
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“This song expresses my heart desire God, to know more of you. my soul longs so much for more of You. this is my prayer Holy Spirit.”


[Verse 1 Nessa] As a deer pants for the water brooks
Lord my pants for you
as an eagle needs its wings fly
Jesus I need you to survive
Ooh come o! Holy Spirit come o
Come and have your way in me
Ooh di o! abasi mi ooh di o!
Your child is here for you
Set me on fire. .for you;re my desire
Let me burn for you God
Let me run for you God
Set me on fire..for you;re my desire
Let me burn for you God
let me run for you

[Chorus] Holy Spirit come(×3)
Come and have your way

[Verse 2 GUC] From the depth of my heart..
I will sing you a new song..
From the depth of my heart..
I will praise you..
I will join the elders and the angels to bow before you..God
You are all I have and all I needed oooh.
Pour out yourself on every body
So we can shout(shout)
Shout loud for the world to know that you are Gooood
Holy Spirit come
Come and have your way
Come and take your place
Come and do your thing
Come and be the strength when am weak oooh oh oh oh oh
Come and be my right hand
Come and stand by me
Emimimo oh..oh oh oh(×2)

[Hook] Holy spirit come (×2)ooh…
Holy Spirit come
Abasi mi o di o!..ooh di o! Ooh
We yearn for you
Holy Spirit coooome
Holy Spirit come
We need you ….

[Repeat chorus twice]

[Revamp] In me..
in me..
in me
Come and have your way.

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