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GRAMMY-nominated, Platinum-selling Newsboys released new music this week. “Magnetic,” their first release with Capitol CMG, is now available for downloads/streaming. The track is a wonderful reminder of the consistent love of God.

“We’ve been working on this project for a while now and we are so stoked to finally share it with you all,” the band shared on social media.

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As soon as I open up my eyes
It’s the same voice on the inside
Already so heavy
Weighing on my soul

All the fear all the worry
All the heart ache all the hurting
With Your light and
Trying to steal my hope

Some days I break
I lose my way
More doubt than faith

But every time
I’m in that fight
Your love keeps pulling me back
Pulling me back
It’s magnetic
I’ve pushed away
But I can’t escape
Your love keeps pulling me back
Pulling me back
It’s magnetic

Your goodness won’t give up on me
It’s a fountain flowing so deep
You’re so patient
And so gracious
It’s unconditional
Even when I try to go my own way
Even when my heart is in the wrong place
You bring it back around like a boomerang
Just like a boomerang

Like gravity
Just when I think that I’m outta reach
Your love Your mercy keep pulling me
Pulling me
Oh I can feel it, feel it, feel it
It’s changing me
No more searching, it’s clear to see
Everything that I used to be, i

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